Software translation and localisation

Why Choose AETS As Your Software Localisation Partner?

Our localisation team has the experience and knowledge in software translation to offer guidance and advice at every step of your multilingual projects. We work with your team on ways to create an effective localisation environment tailored to your organisation's unique requirements. We can localise your software on most platforms including a wide range of programming languages and we accept most file formats.

AETS Software Translation Team

Our localisation engineers use the most advanced language technology and software to ensure efficient management of your projects, from initial planning to subsequent software releases. Only technical translators who are thoroughly familiar with your industry-specific terminology in each of your export markets will work on localisation of your content.

Project managers with years of experience in handling multilingual projects ensure they are managed in the most cost-effective way while maintaining strict software translation quality procedures. They advise on the best tools to use to improve linguistic quality, consistency, and rate of delivery while simultaneously reducing translation costs.

Rely on us to translate your software:

  • Resource Files & Strings
  • Graphics, Images and Icons
  • Online Help Files and User Guides
  • Software & Multimedia Projects
  • Technical Data Sheets and Promotional Material
  • Websites, Wireless Applications and Online Transactions
  • Software Licenses and Legal Disclaimers

Business Translation - Software

Some of the localisation software tools we use:

Trados and SDL Translation Memory Tools, SDLx localisation Suite, Passolo and Multilizer and we can work with most other popular tools. All leading documentation tools are supported, including FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, InDesign and Author-it content management.

Managing your translation assets

Our translation services allow you to re-use previous translations for future product and software releases or simply to re-use specific segments for your multilingual websites or any other types of support documentation and promotional collateral.

Official Reseller of SDL Trados Suite and Passolo

Based on our expertise in the latest translation memory and software localization tools, we have been chosen as the official Australasian partner for SDL Trados Technologies and Passolo. As official reseller, we can provide these technologies to our Australasian clients at specially discounted prices.