SDL Trados Studio 2015 is the culmination of over 25 years in translation software development and provides some of the most advanced translation functionality available, all of which is housed within Studio's clean, clutter free user interface that is designed to help maximize your productivity.

Accelerated translation

AutoSuggest™: Smart suggestions as you type
Benefit from sub-segment matching suggestions as you type to help you accelerate your translations. Watch your productivity skyrocket!

SDL PerfectMatch™
Leverage previously translated bilingual files to create PerfectMatch content. A quick, simple way to reduce review time and ensure consistency.

Context Match: take accuracy to new heights
Provides "beyond 100%" matches by recognizing location and context to deliver the best translation. No complicated set-up or configuration required!

QuickPlace™ for maximized efficiency
Have all your formatting, tags, placeables and variables at your fingertips. QuickPlace delivers smart suggestions based on your source content making translating any file type a breeze.

Integrated terminology management
Ensuring terminology accuracy is critical for high quality translations. Through integration with SDL MultiTerm, you can pride yourself in always delivering the right term.

Connectivity with automated translation to translate more
If you do not have a TM match for a particular segment, then automated translation will help you get there. Easily accessible from within your editing environment.

Simplified project management and creation

Simplified project management
You can do more than just translate with SDL Trados Studio. You can also manage languages, files and deadlines in one centralized location.

Automated project preparation
SDL Trados Studio can help you automatically prepare project files, with a customizable project wizard that takes care of the most repetitive task.

Word count, analysis and reports are automatically created and stored with your job meaning you always know the status of each job at all times.

Comprehensive review capability

Track Changes
Never miss a review again with native Track Changes. Working the same way as MS Word Track Changes, this function allows users to confidently review and easily accept or decline changes as you go, giving full review control.

Go beyond Studio with SDL OpenExchange
Working with reviewers who do not use Studio? Add extra flexibility to Studio 2015 with a selection of apps and plug-ins from SDL OpenExchange, including SDLXLIFF Converter - which allows translation reviews to be done entirely in MS Word.

Enhanced QA Checker
Studio's automated, real-time QA checks highlight potential translation errors including punctuation, terminology and inconsistencies.  And in Studio 2015 the new QA wizard simplifies and speeds up the review process.