Key New Features in SDL Passolo 2015

Re-design of the Microsoft.NET Add-Ins

  • Now fully supports Microsoft.NET 4.0 and all older frameworks from .NET 1.0
  • Ability to run diagnostic reports to quickly analyse problems and adjust localization kit accordingly.

Introducing SDL Passolo Collaboration Edition

  • Designed to support and speed up the workflows associated with the agile development process. SDL Passolo Collaboration Edition knows who is working on what part of the project
  • Enables the localization team to push through changes from customer sources to translator. Removing the need to return bundles before the translation is completed.

Support for machine translation


  • Support for Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and SDL Language Weaver 
  • Machine translation can be used while Pre-Translating with any proposals being directly displayed in the fuzzy list. All matching translation entries are marked accordingly to distinguish from those entries that may be new or from an existing Translation Memory.

More productivity functions

  • Immediate checking of changed text entries. Changes are checked and on error the entry is marked with an exclamation mark to allow quick identification of any errors
  • Continue working where you left the project with ‘store and restore’ of the working environment.

Enhanced handling of projects 

  • Merge, extract sub projects, un-pack and re-pack project files for better performance in network  environments and in multi-user scenarios
  • Ability to chain projects (from SR1) allowing another Passolo project to be used as the source file. Multiple languages can also be chained with changes in the editing process generating a change notification (update) in dependant languages.

Be 'future-ready' with additional and enhanced support for all the latest file filters

  • Microsoft® .NET 4.0
  • Direct localization of Adobe® RoboHelp® source and project files
  • Enhanced Microsoft® WPF support
  • Delphi® 2009
  • Enhanced Java™ support
  • Oracle® 11 databases.

System Requirements

SDL Passolo 2015 will be delivered as a Unicode application and therefore can be used only on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. A multilingual Windows XP is recommended for projects with Asian languages. SDL Passolo 2015 can also localize software for Windows 9x.

Key New Features in SDL Passolo 2009

New! Revolutionary QuickIndex technology for faster project completion!

  • Reduces lookup time from up to one minute to a fraction of a second compared to a large non-indexed glossary
  • Improves the quality of matches by interpreting programming language specifics within software strings
  • Provides the ability to index projects for faster lookup

New! Improved user interface that you can tailor to suit your requirements

  • Modern, intuitive look and feel
  • Customisable interface allows you to resize, reposition or close task panes
  • The ability to customise your keyboard shortcuts for maximum efficiency

New! Access the full history of edits to each string for greater control over your projects

  • Roll-back changes, enabling you to revert to a previous version
  • Provides an audit trail of the localization  process

New!  Additional features to speed up your software localization projects

  • Search for strings in large projects faster with the project view filter
  • Find repeated strings faster and more easily with the replicate filter
  • Conveniently add source files, as well as import translation files and bundles with drag-and-drop functionality

New! Be future-ready with additional and enhanced support for all the latest file filters

  • Microsoft® .NET 3.5
  • Enhanced Microsoft® WPF support
  • Delphi® 2009
  • Enhanced Java™ support
  • Oracle® 11 databases
  • Microsoft® Silverlight™ support