With its different editions, SDL Passolo offers an optimized, cost-effective solution for any projects of any size.

Professional Edition

As a standalone solution, the Professional Edition is particularly suited to the localization of medium to large-sized projects. With the add-ins for translation memory systems and terminology databases, translation data can be exported to external programs to translate the relevant manuals and online help.

The integrated script development environment also makes it possible to change or add functions to SDL Passolo.

Team Edition 

The Team Edition offers the additional benefit of being able to create and administer a certain number of translation bundles. These translation bundles can be processed using the free Translator Edition (please see below). With a single Team Edition license it is possible to delegate entire projects to external translators, including the task of adapting and testing the dialogue layouts.

The Team Edition has three different options, depending on the number of translation bundles you need to manage. You can opt for either 5, 10 or unlimited bundles.

Collaboration Edition

The most advanced version of SDL Passolo offers the further benefit of providing technology to support and speed up the workflows associated with an agile development process.

This edition enables a localization team to push through changes from customer's sources to translator without a delay. Removing the time and cost issues associated with synchronizing updates.

An Export Manager provides information on who is working on which part of the localization for complete project visibility.

SDL Passolo Essential

SDL Passolo Essential is included as an application within the latest version of SDL Trados. This edition allows you to create and translate projects, as well as generate localized target files.

However, there are feature limitations, such as no QA checking feature, no leveraging from previously translated content and you can only use one target language per project.

Translator Edition

The Translator Edition is a free editor that can be downloaded from the SDL website. It allows translators to edit the bundles created with the Team Edition. It cannot parse source files or generate target files, but it offers all the other functions needed.