Language Technologies

SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional SDL PAssolo 2011 SDL Multiterm Desktop 2011 SDL Multiterm Extract 2011

AETS has joined forces with SDL Trados Technologies to be the official reseller for their world-leading translation technology products in Australasia. AETS was the first major user of Trados translation memory software in the region, and then became the leading user of SDL translation and localization tools. With the merger of SDL and Trados and subsequently Passolo, AETS's expertise with all three products means we are able to give the best advice to those interested in translation technology, including translation memory tools, software localization tools, authoring assistance, as well as terminology management and translation management tools.

As the official reseller, AETS has secured a substantial regional discount for any Australasian clients interested in purchasing SDL Trados and Passolo products.

To join the industry standard and discover why you should choose SDL TRADOS Technologies and Passolo, please contact our experts at AETS.