In-house and in-country language specialists 

AETS is proud to have one of the largest in-house teams in the translation industry worldwide. Our team is comprised of 37 permanent staff including experienced multilingual project managers, translators, editors, layout experts and website & software localization specialists.

AETS also employs and maintains strong relationships with over 2,000 language specialists all over the world. Our in-country translators provide local expertise to ensure your global content is well suited to any of your export markets.

We are pleased to profile here some of our senior staff.


Liz Seymour is our Chief Executive Officer and has worked in the translation industry for nearly 10 years. Under her inspirational leadership the company has doubled in size and further cemented its international reputation as a provider of the highest quality translation with unparalleled customer service. The company is now the major supplier of translation services to a number of well known multinational corporations doing business around the world.

Liz holds an MBA and Diploma in Business Studies and has previously worked as National Operations Manager of a large government agency. As well as being CEO Liz is chair of the advisory board for a large communications company, an accredited business mentor and a member of the Institute of Directors. To ensure she stays ahead of the play Liz regularly attends international translation and localization conferences.


PATRICK KING – Editorial Director

Co-founder of the company almost 25 years ago, Patrick is one of the best known and most respected figures in the Australasian language translation industry. Much of the company success is due to his vision, experience and high quality leadership. Patrick leads the company’s translation and editorial teams and has a particular interest in AETS' "Quality Assurance" programme on which much of our reputation is based. This is on top of his own translation and editorial work across nearly 20 languages, including French, German, Russian, Spanish, New Zealand Maori and other Pacific Island languages.

Patrick holds an MA (hons) degree in German and Russian and regularly travels overseas visiting clients and attending international conferences – in particular the annual international localization World Conferences. Patrick always likes to know about and understand new developments in the industry, and especially about new technologies which help improve the ways we work.


HAGEN ISSELL – Marketing Director, International

Hagen Issell has led the company's energetic marketing team for over 12 years and has been a major contributor to its expanding international success. Highly passionate about his job, Hagen keeps well ahead of the field in his knowledge of the industry and its needs, both locally and internationally. He is particularly knowledgeable about localization employing the very latest translation tools and is able to satisfy the most complex requirements of our increasingly discerning client base. You will also find him willing to share his knowledge and expertise as part of the friendly personal service AETS is famous for.

Hagen holds a double degree in Marketing and Advertising.


RAFAEL LAVERDE – Senior Project Manager

Rafael grew up in Bogota, Colombia (South America), and has since travelled widely around the world. 
Following work stints as Sales Team Manager and New Market Development Manager at two Colombian healthcare organisations and New Product Development Manager at a Colombian fruit processing company, Rafael joined NZTC’s project management team in 2005.

Rafael is one of AETS' most senior and experienced Project Managers. Apart from his natural passion for languages, he brings to his role huge expertise in project scoping, quoting, planning, and coordinating the work of AETS linguistic teams. He particularly enjoys client liaison with the intention of providing exceptional customer service, culminating in the delivery of high-quality translation.


CHRIS PHILLIPS – Information Technology Manager

Chris not only manages AETS's complex day-to-day IT requirements – he also leads the review, design planning and implementation of the company's IT systems with a view to ongoing improvements in all areas of the business. Chris has over 20 years' experience working with computers and information technology.

In recent years the translation industry has become more and more reliant on high quality information technology. While the "human factor" remains the key component, new technologies vastly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of translation work. Chris evaluates the latest translation and localization tools to ensure AETS is using the most advanced language technology in all areas.


Dr. JOHN JAMIESON – Senior Translator and Editor

How do you begin to describe a man who can translate 27 different languages, always to the highest of standards? John is much admired at home and abroad as a ‘translator extraordinaire’. He translates many of the company’s most challenging projects, where his extensive knowledge and long experience are invaluable assets.

John holds a PhD in French Literature. He regularly attends and contributes to industry conferences, locally and overseas.


KEN MURAMATSU – Art Director

Kenis the head of the AETS Art Department, responsible for all design and layout work. Most translation companies don't offer such extensive services in this area. Kenexplains in her own words – "As well as working within a variety of formats of print/digital material, within the same day we can be typesetting Chinese, Arabic, Thai and French! This keeps my work varied and very interesting, as every language is unique and dictates its own rules.”

Ken's department uses a wide range of the latest available technological resources, which AETS keeps continually updating. The PC and Mac platforms use the latest DTP software, combined with Translation Memory software.


WALTER NG – Finance Manager

Behind the scenes in every successful business is a dedicated, experienced financial and administration manager. Walter Ng has been with AETS for over 15 years and has played an important role in its success. Language translation is a complex kind of business to be in. Dealing every day with both clients and contractors from all over the world requires a high degree of expertise and commitment and this is what Walter provides. He is also a key member of the company's business development team and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree.